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my Bill James inspired research efforts
or just current season oriented player analysis

How the top 75 A.L. Robinson Players 2012-2013 were acquired

Who's Hot? Who's for Real? (2013)

A.L. 2013 Roster Battles (with BP's Jason Martinez)

Top and Worse starting players in the American League

Catchers' Pitch Framing: Quantified!

Brad Eumus:patch-up or building block?

Scoresheet-talk on Shortstops (A.L.)

Who is the best cross-over to the N.L.? Cliff Lee or Zack Greinke?

How good is Johan Santana now?

Using Relievers instead of Starters

Projected American League rotations for 2010

Ranking of A.L. Relievers available for final tune-up

AL Robinson 2009 Draft Analysis Rounds 14-20

AL Robinson 2009 Draft Analysis Rounds 21-27

AL Robinson 2009 Draft Analysis Rounds 28-35 - including protected prospects

Pitcher workloads

2007 Surprises and Bummers and How we Might Have Known

Differences in O+S (OPS) by Position

When Stars Get Snared (early 2000s)

Effect of Web Draft on Low end Picks

Black and White Study Follow-up

Speed, Position, Walk Rate, and Ancient Ancestry on Career Arcs

Analysis of First Round Picks of AL Robinson '92-'05

The AL Robinson Start-up Draft Study

Pitchers we mis-rated

Who we Mis-Rated (Batters)

List of all-time cross-overs

Reliever-Starter Conversions

Pitching Stats (part I)

pitchers when they have their first crack at the rotation

Young Stars & their Improvement Part I

Young Stars & their improvement Part II

When Stars Get Hitched

Squandered Picks

Prospects: Expectations, Initial and Long Term Success

Protectable Prospects for 2005

John Carter