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a resource for finding a specific Scoresheet rule

Scoresheet Rules and Draft Packet explains everything you need to know about drafting and filling out your line-up card, but details about eligibility, substitutions, and specifically how the sim works – how it chooses substitutes, etc. are difficult to find if they are there at all.


Scoresheet Rules for Continuing League lays out the basic rules for keeping your players for the following year in a standard continuing league.



Prospect Eligibility: The maximum accumulated life-time major league playing time, before a player has to be protected on the 13 man protection list instead of at the cost of a team's last available winter draft pick: less than 130 At Bats or 50 innings.


Position Eligibility



Starting Pitcher substitution order – this is the rule most asked about.


Other Pitcher Rules


Position Player Substitution Details

Garth Hewitt's Range Finder is a great tool for finding what your player’s range will be if you play him out of position. It doesn’t work if I provide the link to it from here. You have to go through scoresheet-talk’s Files page.

Batting Order Substitutions

If you can’t find what you are looking for from the links above, try JDM's (At the Plate) SS Rules & Notes.

John Carter