All-star team of players born with a year of a certain date.

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the ultimate idividual fantasy teams?


You could say these are the ultimate fantasy teams for these individuals only, but they are more than that. They are works of art for baseball fans who remember these players. Here is a new fun way of associating players - and getting a better understanding of how frequently players of this caliber come along.


The last two birth date all-star lists not only compare career rankings of similar 30-something year-old outstanding players of today, but they each have an added list of who would have been on their age based all-star team according to what they had achieved up to ten years ago (August 1995). Hopefully, this gives you insights into the career predictability of players in their early or early-mid 20s.

March 1935-1937 all-stars

October 1953-1955 all-stars (me)

July 1970-1972 all-stars

March 1973-1975 all-stars

John Carter