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Planning your vacations and work load

Scoresheet Preparation Requirements:


January  : heavy for annual or new leagues

. . . . . . . .  light for perpetual leagues

February: heavy until draft in 3rd week

March     : considerate, but less crucial

April        : keep it up, supplemental draft at end

May         : easier, take a break, if you want

June       : rev it up; check out prospects for last draft

July          : make a solid line-up and take a vacation

August    : get a jump on the late season deals

Sept.       : make final trades, then watch

Oct.          : make deals for next year while in the mood

Nov. & Dec.: get your mind off baseball



I can't imagine playing any other baseball fantasy game other than Scoresheet baseball. It has everything that's fun about fantasy baseball, and none of the drudgery. Oh, well most people do like a live draft. It is possible to have one in Scoresheet if you can organize a private league or get in one. Most leagues made do with the computer draft. I happen to prefer it.

With a computer draft, you have a list to prepare for the computer, which unemotionally picks in proper order minding its roster balancing rules. The computer never panics. You never have to give up a Saturday afternoon and evening in a smoke filled bar with head pounding amounts of beer. You prepare the list at your own leisure and refine it as Rembrandt would one of his masterpieces.

The drafts come in three stages. You have until late January to decide on your protection list or draft the cream of the league if you are starting from scratch. I only play in existing perpetual leagues, so there isn't a mad rush of player analysis up to this point. However, you certainly want to make some trades in order to make sure you have as many draft picks as possible and aren't throwing back into the pool any players who you could have combined in two for one deals to strengthen your protected 13. You might also need to take care of an excess cross-leaguer problem (no more than two players per team who are no longer in the league). Hence, it is key to not make any plans other than Scoresheet wheeling and dealing during the last half of January!!!

It is great if all the owners have e-mail. Even not, try to get everyone's protection list immediately after the protection list deadline. Be a little cautious with those who still might not have mailed theirs in, yet. You must trust no one in your league is cheating in that manner.


The next three weeks will be when you will be doing your most important homework of the season. You don't want to analyze players who are already protected and pass over ones who aren't but you thought would be. Write-off the first three weeks of February to prepare for the 2nd phase draft.

Some leagues have fun sharing their lists a bunch of names at a time, so someone in the league who is clear about the roster balancing rules can sort out who gets whom. The problem is we are mere humans. It is a much more difficult task than it appears and mistakes are always made. The third phase is much less important than the 2nd phase. Plus almost all of the players you will be considering have probably already been analyzed, but you had no room to rank them high enough for drafting in the 2nd phase. Hence, you will have plenty of time to draw up your 3rd phase list after you get the results from the 2nd phase in the mail. It is still quite prudent to wait until mid March for your getaway as spring training has started and keeping up with news about recoveries from the winter's operations is very important.

Keeping up with baseball news will be very important until the July supplemental draft usually a week or two before the all-star break. After that your team can go on cruise control for weeks at a time. I was in France with no Internet for all of August last year and still won 117 games! Do get back before the final trading deadline in early September to make final play-off adjustments, then you're done!

That is the entire Scoresheet baseball preparation cycle - unless you can get a jump on the protection list preparation by doing a little dealing at the end of the season.

John Carter