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Early season observations on one of my leagues

I am so busy, I almost decided to stop maintaining this site. So I updated my favorite sites on the right>>>.

Added an item to the archives (navigation bar) on the left.

That area is for:

  1. an overview of all the strategies you will likely ever need for sustained Scoresheet success
  2. some of my own analytical studies to back up those strategies
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Then I decided to just send you my (edited for you) AL Robinson weekly report, which might be of general interest to anyone - although, possibly not.


Brian Roberts is leading our league in both OBA and SlgA.

Alex Rodriguez has the odd combination of leading our league in both runs and home runs.
Did you notice Roger Clemens' ERA is less than half as much as the next closest ERA in our league?
Just in case you aren't paying attention to National Leaguers, I'll add that Pedro Martinez has easily the most strikeouts.
Danys Baez is leading our league with 20 saves. The next closest guy has 12.
That brings me to today's topic. Why are Baez's Mainahs killing us in the close games while chalking up luck balancable slaughters in their other games?
Here are our teams' run differences and their games above or below .500:
Wrecking Crew     +67 +4.5
Slick Silk Sox    +45 +2.5
Dieppe Gamblers   +41 +4.5
Fantech Terries   +32 +2.5
Huron Hornets     +20 +0.5
Toronto Mainahs   -10 +2.5
Lucky (Splinters) -17 -1.5
Dancin' Demons    -65 -4.5
Grey Royals       -70 -3.5
York County Lumber-89 -6.5
If all bullpens and strategies were the same, the Mainahs would the luckiest team in the league followed by, perhaps, the Royals, Gamblers, Terriers, and Demons. The Slickers and Hornets would be the unluckiet along with Wrecking Crew.
Of course, not all bullpens and strategies are the same. The Demons do not steal. The Slickers and Royals don't steal often, and that's just as well. It appears the Crew are taking too many chances on the basepaths. I don't see any correlation there.
The teams which do the most bunting are the Slickers and Royals. Lumber, Mainahs, and Crew do the least. I see no significance there, either.
Toronto Mainahs do lead in saves and Sac Flies, but I don't see how you can strategize for those events. All except two teams are using a closer. Perhaps, a team can concentrate its talent in the pen.
Checking the number of relievers drafted or protected after this year's first five rounds, only the Demons and Mainahs had three. YC Lumber was the only team with one. Don't jump to any conclusions on this, each of the teams with three relievers after five rounds has had one of them on the DL most of the season, so far.
OK, who actually has the best bullpens, so far? Yes, the Mainahs' pen has been fine, but the Gamblers' and Terriers' have been even better. The Lumbers' and Hornets' pens have been the most disapointing. This is the only area which seems to have, at least, a rough correlation to "luck" with run scoring. "Unlucky" Wrecking Crew has had some serious depth issues in their bullpen. The one team which largely throws off this correlation is the Slick Silk Sox. Mariano Rivera is 0-2, yet, his Scoresheet ERA is 1.59. Set-up righty Urbina is 3.15. Hernanson hasn't given up a run since he was drafted as a supplemental. Lefties Marte and Walker are 1.59 and 2.33.
So, why are they so punished? After this week, we will be a third the way through the season. Unless there is something I don't see, these things should average out. Right?
How much will Brian Roberts cool off is really a more interesting question. How much of his new found excellence is due to his special motion sensitive contact lenses? How much of it is in his head? How much of it will pitchers learn to counteract? How much of it is luck?

John Carter