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a few tips for drafting instead of listing 

Prepare for a live draft the way you would a draft list - except skip the listing part

Preparing the Draft Lists


Keep your list color-coded stat-filled list handy with the players listed by position. Skip a line when there is a value gap in the players listed. Cross out or change the font to something faint as the players are protected or drafted. This way you can quickly see how many players are available at each position of a common level. If there are several more similarly valuable players available from the next available level at one position than there are at another position, then you know which position is more scarse and therefore needs to be drafted sooner.


Grabbing a chat room and conducting the draft by the web is what my private league has preferred to drafting by e-mail. Those who go to a pub and draft enjoy that the most, I hear, but I’m an old and crodgy family guy who doesn’t see himself getting involved in that.


Personally, I liked e-mail, because you could take as much time as you needed to make a choice. We tried to give everyone an appointed time to make their picks. There were a few troubles with this method, however, so I’ll concede using a chat room is much better. Besides some people using e-mail drafts get really impatient feeling they need to be on the computer all the time checking the picks, then complain that the process is going too slowly. In a chat room, there are no missed appointments. There are no e-mail routing delays. There is less confusion all around. However, don’t volunteer to be the secretary recording all the picks. You won’t have enough time to give your own picks enough consideration.


Chasing a run on relievers or some other position: I need to make more of a study on this issue. I like to think you should ignore them. Sticking to checking position scarcity accounts for these, so I see no reason to do anything different.

John Carter