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Andy Cleary on the Scoresheet U.S. only strategy


The fellows in the Scoresheet-talk Yahoo Group were tossing around the value of a protection slot. It’s whatever the market would bear, but usually ends up an R#15 or R#16 in a year such as this year with a long strong list of crossovers. I have never commented on this before, because up here in Canada, we don’t trade protection slots. However, a Californian with Spock-like logic Andy Cleary had this useful suggestion:


The other option with a protect slot and no one decent to fill it is to look to make a cheapie trade for a protectable player. Particularly as it comes closer and closer to the time that protect lists go in, managers will see that they are going to get nothing for that decent 14th player, and a small draft upgrade is often all it takes to acquire them. If you think you can get a good team's 14th best player for an upgrade at the end of the draft, I think that's often a better deal than moving that protect slot for a 16th or 17th rounder. You want to get the "best player", and it's likely that a good team's 14th best player is better than what you would get in the 16th or 17th round, even if it did mean taking a hit in the later rounds.

This is particularly true if you have crossover space in a year like this one. Every league I'm in seems to include a team or two desperate to move a pretty good crossover...


John Carter