Wasted $ and Keystone Surprise

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I can't think of a good subheading for this


Another big market team getting sloppy with their money: the Angels have signed Mondesi for 1.75 million dollars to fill-in briefly while a couple of their sluggers recover from injuries. No doubt you can`t count on Salmon, Erstad, and Anderson, who have all started rehab, as well as Guillen and Guerrero to be all healthy. However, they do have Jerry DaVanon, who is better than Mondesi in my estimation. They will, also, have another super-sub Chone Figgins available when Troy Glaus comes back. I even like Rob Quinlan as much as Raul Mondesi, and he`s a heck of a lot cheaper. In fact, for the week or two that they really could use Mondesi, I would rather save my nearly two million and call up Derrick Gibson whether or not he has any options left.


Wow, it`s amazing the Angels have hit so well with all those injuries. That shows what having Vladimir can do.


Chone Figgins could be a hobbit.


Guess which shortstop leads the American League in O+S (on June 2).  One of the four superstars? No. Mike Young, perhaps? Uh, uh. How about that former Giants star Rich Aurilia? Nope. It is the guy he replaced - a Detroit Tiger: Ozzie Guillen (.938). OK, which secondbaseman has the highest O+S in the A.L.? Soriano? Sorry. It is another Tiger: Omar Infante (.888)! 

John Carter