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baseball is too complicated for computers

It is usually a good idea to list your best defensive sub at each position, even if they are much worse offensively. It could save enough at bats of your starter’s to allow him to start an extra game.


Keep that in mind when deciding where to put in whom as your defensive sub. If your starting leftfielder is too good of a hitter to get subbed for, list him as LF in your starting line-up, then don’t put any defensive substitute under LF.


Don`t forget centerfield is the most important position in Scoresheet to have an outstanding fielder. That multiplier intensifies the differences between good defensive centerfielders and the less adequate.


Although, the Scoresheet computer will automatically position your best ranged outfielder in center, you might not want to use “OF” all the time. If you only have one decent back-up centerfielder from your bench or starting line-up, but plenty of better hitting outfielders, consider listing those outfielders as RF-LF, and then list your sub centerfielder as CF.

Click on the link below for a few substitution quirks and how too deal with them.

More positional substitution details

Sometimes a regular season strategy may conflict with a play-off strategy with the only solution being sending in separate line-ups.


As I mention in the play-off strategy article, it makes more sense to use a closer in the play-offs than during the regular season. The play-offs are also a good time to increase the hook numbers on the relievers you know will be very good and lower the hook numbers on the starters you know won’t be nearly as good as your bullpen.


I had a very particular problem in 2006 as many other managers who owned Rich Harden or Nelson Liriano did. Both were considered Cy Young caliber pitchers recovering from injuries who may or may not have been ready to pitch in September or October. (It turned out Harden – my pitcher – was, but Liriano wasn’t.) If I put Harden 5th in the rotation, then he wouldn’t start in the play-offs. If he was only a reliever in September, then I’d lose his innings during the regular season. I would have to mitigate the latter problem by placing a minor league pitcher in the 5th spot and put Harden at the top of the bullpen. (Thanks to Erwin Hunke for that suggestion in scoresheet-talk.) If I put Harden higher in the rotation – and he only ended up relieving in September - then he wouldn’t pitch in the play-offs at all!

John Carter