How Scoresheet will handle Dontrelle Willis
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and Brooks Kieschnick, too


I don`t have an NL Scoresheet team, but there is an interesting development there:

from Rotoworld: Dontrelle Willis pitched five scoreless innings and homered tonight in a win over Montreal. He`s 6-for-6 at the plate this season. If his offensive stats are taken into account, Willis, who has pitched 12 2/3 scoreless innings, has to be an early favorite for player of the month honors. Manager Jack McKeon pulled Willis after five tonight so that he could start him in left field tomorrow.

Scoresheet will undoubtedly wait for him to have 10 games to qualify him as an outfielder as they should, but I hope they allow him to pinch hit (or dh in mixed leagues) right away.


I passed these thoughts on to The Mr. Scoresheet himself: Jeff Barton. He says,

i am sorry, but our program does not have anything written into it to
let pitchers be listed on the batting side as pinch hitters, or to
qualify in the field. But when Willis (or any other NL pitcher) does
bat in Scoresheet their chances of getting a hit, HR, etc IS based on
what they did that week in real life (just like all hitters.)


Is Willis the next Babe Ruth? Remember the frequently pinch hitting pitcher Earl Wilson of the `66-`70 Tigers?


Willis`s teammate Miguel Cabrera looks more Ruthian.


Some polls and freshly started perpetual leagues suggested various players for best overall for the upcoming long term: ARod (of course), Guerrero, Prior, Pujols, Soriano, etc. Overlooked as obvious candidates in my estimation are Cabrera and, in particular, Hank Blalock.

John Carter