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and re-organizing them, too

By now, I`ve covered every subject there is about playing Scoresheet. Well, I`m sure there are more, but I`ve been too busy to think of any more. In fact, my time is better spent rereading what I have already written and refining those articles.


Starting with Strategies involving filling out of the Line-up sheets, I am slowly going through all my articles and refining them. For example, on the "When to fill out a new line-up" article, I've added a paragraph regarding switching pitchers depending on their upcoming schedule.


Once I have reviewed an article, I will try to Index it. Once all my articles are covered in an organized index, I will get rid of the chronological archive indexes. I am also converting downloaded documents into web pages whenever possible. I hope this makes Scoresheetwiz a handier tool for you.

John Carter