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Of course, the short answer is: whenever you want.


Making out new line-up is one of the most enjoyable leisurely parts of Scoresheet for me. There is no pressure to pick the guys in the right order or lose them. There is no fretting over whether you will get two veterans at one position or two prospects instead of one of each as you were hoping. There is no frustration over reaching the other party you are wishing to trade with or waiting too long for their response. There is no fear of drooling so much over one of their players, you give away how much you would be willing to trade for him. There is no angering someone by making an unreasonable an offer or angering the league by making unreasonable trade. And for some of us, there is no blowing one`s reputation as a Scoresheet Wiz by making a foolish trade or foolish high round pick.


Making out a line-up is pure pleasure. They are your men and will obey your every command down to the minutest nuance. You can do some wild crazy experiment and no one will lampoon you in the press. (Well, maybe with the new stats available on the web you can see a bit of what your other managers are up to. But I wouldn`t worry about giving away any precious secrets. There aren`t so precious to other managers. They probably won`t even notice or care.)


A line-up is several interesting puzzles: an offense, two pitching sections, and a defensive sub section. A draft list is just one long list.


Obviously, if you traded someone in your line-up, you have to send in a new one. Other than that, you can save your six bucks and not bother. You can plan your vacation anytime during the summer. You aren`t stuck having to send in a list around the spring break, for example, when the third phase is due.


Your pre-season premonitions might well be just as good as the ones you have in late April after viewing the statistical results of 20 games. The reason for that is because all the years of stats which led to your pre-season views are far more significant than just the most recent 20 games worth. Indeed, as I`ve noted before in my column, a manager in my building team`s league won the championship last year without making a single line-up change!


However, I believe I had more fun. I made a line-up change, at least, every month - sometimes more. Fortunately, I can afford it. If it appears that two or three line-up changes could significantly help me, why not? That is as good as a big trade.


Don`t forget to send in a line-up before the All-Star game week with your 5th starter added to your bullpen. If you are crunched for time or money, it is no big deal, but it could help to recast your 5th starter that week. He won`t get a start unless you do not have enough starts from your four other starters. If you dont list him in your bullpen, he will be used as your 3rd reliever against righties or lefties with an earliest inning of 1. If you have, at least, three relievers in your pen that you prefer, and you have any other excuse to make a change, by all means make that line-up change.


If you have a 6th, 7th starter about as good as your 5th starter, you could send in a new line-up every time your 6th or 7th pitcher has a significantly easier schedule in the coming weeks than your 5th starter (or 4th starter, if he is of the same echelon).


If you are eager to make a change for any reason at all, do it! Having fun and mental exercise is the purpose of this game. There is nothing like a new line-up for either endeavor.

John Carter