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My Biggest Mistake, Young Legacies, & Spring Stats

Protection List Disaster:

Warning to Scoresheet Players: When submitting a Draft List, Line-up, or most importantly a Protection List: take two deep breaths and make extra sure you have everyone listed the way you want it. In particular, because the prospects you are protecting are the easiest to overlook, make sure you have everyone you want.


I have the distinct horrifying embarrassment of having left off Joe Mauer from the protection list of the team I am trying to build! I have rationalized all sorts of comforting notions: it is an experience I can learn from, be thankful it was a more serious error (I can`t imagine what? forgetting to stop at a red light?). . . I soon realized there really wasn`t anything good about this, and it is just plain pathetic. You work hard to snag a guy like Mauer. I used up a high pick to get him and considered myself lucky. Of course, we could look back on this ten years from now and laugh at all the fuss. Darren Erstad and many other players who were prospects of this caliber haven`t panned out as the ``franchise`` keepers we thought they would be.


Just the same I will file this when I get back from vacation next week under Protection List notes - just to remind us to relax and check our lists one more time. The boss/spouse/kids can wait.


Legacies Start Young:

The news of Bobby Bonds` ill health reported his age. I was surprised to hear how young he is. It is interesting that the two rival superstars of the past decade or so, were both born when their ball playing fathers were only eighteen. Bobby was 18 and four months, Ken Sr. was only 18 and one month. I have no idea what that implies. Men`s superstar sperms come out early? You can send me your theories.


Spring Training Gems:

I won`t spoil your fun by telling you who to snatch up. You should do your own work. Just use the list of guys leftover from your Phase II research. Then look at the spring stats. Since there isn`t much difference in the players left on this list, you can generously lower the players struggling this spring - especially the pitchers, and raise the players doing very well. Look around for a few other gems. If an old guy is having a great spring, you can pretty much ignore it. If a young guy is having a great spring, look him up and judge for yourself whether he has arrived or not.


Now sort the list so you have the best chance of getting the players you want and need the most. Ah, sorting! Excuse me, while I write that article for next season.

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