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Best Sportswriter No one Reads on the Best World Series No one Saw

The season has wound down. I think I need a vacation from Scoresheet. No, I can`t do that, maybe just a vacation from Scoresheetwiz. I`m not getting enough hits to justify the time I spend on this, anyway.


So, fare well, readers. I`m going to stop my regular updates and just post something when I really have something new to say. Although, I should do some reorganizing of my Archives.


Right now, I do have this to say:


That was one of the most entertaining World Series in recent memory. It`s too bad nobody watched it. The game might be too slow for today`s youth, but if they put it on before their bedtimes, it might have a chance.


And this:


You know one thing that had gone horribly downhill in baseball over my lifetime, but shot right back up to a level of excellence recently is umpiring! When I was a kid, the umpires were amazingly right just about every time. The plays would happen in a flash. It would look to me like the umpires were wrong, but the instant replays would invariable prove the umpires right! Gradually, as instant replays used faster speeded film, umpires got horrendously fatter and their judgments got disgracefully sloppier. It seems around the time of the two Blue Jays championships 10 years ago, the umpiring was despicable. This year seemed like old times. The umpires were right, time after time - and there was a steady supply of very close plays and borderline strikes this fall.


And this, too:


What will be the Scoresheet ramifications of all these managerial changes? I suspect the borderline regulars on those teams will be poor risks. The prospects, and previously unheralded Chris Woodward types will be better than usual risks. Some stars will not respond well to a new manager. The average star is going to be a year further over-the-hill and will decline regardless of who is managing. Otherwise, most stars will be inspired by the managerial change. They will want to show they are still the alpha male.


If you have any comments that will inspire me to keep at this, feel free to write me:


John Carter