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                       Name Game

By the way, when I first became a baseball fan in the early-mid-60s, the most common baseball names were (roughly estimating) Jim, Joe, Bill, Billy, Willie, Dick, Bob, Ken, Jack, Johnny, Roy, Tom, Don, and Tony. What are they now? It appears to be Ryan, Aaron, Bret, Adam, Scott, Jason, Jeff, Todd, Mike, Mark, Alex, Juan, Jose, and Tony. Mike and Tony were the most common in both eras, although there were a few Juans and Joses back then, too. 

My early baseball years are thought of as a Willie and Mickey era - mainly because of several outstanding players who had those names. The closest name we have to that now is the Mike version of Mickey: Mike Piazza, Mike Mussina, and a few lesser Mikes. Alex is a common name, but there is only one star Alex right now. Nomar, Derek, Barry, and Sammy are quite singular. There is only one star Pedro, Randy, Kurt, Ken, Roberto, Jason, Bernie, Jorge, Roger, Ivan, etc.

There could be a little name confusion in New York. The Yankees have a new star who`s first name is Alfonso. The Mets have a resurrected star who has a last name of Alfonzo.

Overall, there are more names in use, now.

           Private vs. Scoresheet

Well, my private league just finished its last draft. There were complaints about what a pain it is to wait around for everyone to pick, instead of just handing in a list. However, it is gratifying to pick just the players you want. I picked a pitching prospect and an infielder prospect. I snagged a righthanded reliever and a southpaw reliever. I had an extra pick, so I also picked up one more catcher for depth down the long stretch. There is no way I could have had such a balance with a list. Sure, it takes a little more time in the short run, but it saves the time and aggravation of having to fill those needs with a trade. (Perhaps, I`m a tad anti-social.)

- John Carter