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Rules for Short Relievers vs. other Pitchers, Bank Starts, Miscellaneous

Five rules rounded up by Ryan Scharnell in scoresheet-talk on February 18, 2012 – I believe he is quoting Jeff or Dave Barton, but cannot find the original source. Rule no. 2b is new in 2012.

Short Reliever rules:

1) "Short relievers" (as designated by our player lists) cannot pitch more than three innings in a single game.

2) [a] A pitcher listed as a short reliever on our lists cannot start a Scoresheet Baseball game, unless/until he starts a game for his major league club in the upcoming season, and

    [b] a pitcher listed on our short reliever list cannot come into a game as a reliever before the 4th inning.

Limits on other Pitchers:

3) Any pitcher who didn't start a game in the majors that week can't pitch more than 4 innings in a single game for you (even if he starts for you);

4) For pitchers who pitch in more games in a week for their Scoresheet team than they did in the majors, an appearance in a Scoresheet game counts roughly as an inning pitched against their pitching limit. For those pitchers, each appearance in the majors adds an inning to the amount he can pitch in Scoresheet that week; each Scoresheet appearance costs him an inning.

5) If a pitcher did not have a complete game during the week, he will be taken out after 8IP.

Banking 2nd start by pitcher in your pen used as a starter: will not happen. What will happen is that his 2nd start will be eligible to be used in relief in other games that week.

Additional clarifications based on Jeff Barton’s comments in ss-talk on July 12, 2012:

            1. A banked start will not be used for any pitcher who does not pitch that week – even if he is in your rotation and just injured. If in real life he pitches in relief, however, his banked start will be averaged in with his relief appearances that week – and he will start one game and be available for relief in the other series.

            2. The stats that get banked are based averages of pitcher’s starts that week- averaged in with any other banked starts that pitcher might have.

3.  If no banked start is needed, the stats used are based on how he pitched that week and would not be averaged in with any banked starts. That’s whether he pitches one start or two.

4. If a banked start is needed, those banks stats get averaged in with his real life pitching for the week.

5. During the All-Star week, a pitcher must be one of your top four listed starters to be eligible for a banked start. (One of the good reasons, why Scoresheet plays Thur-Wed, is that otherwise it would be very possible for many starters to pitch twice during the All-Star week, while many other legitimate starters would miss a start.)

Pitcher in your rotation used as a reliever: In the play-offs and all-star week, you can control when your unneeded 5th starter is used in the bullpen. You simply list him both as your 5 starter and at the top of your bullpen (that's required - and is now done automatically on your web line-up page), then treat him there as any other reliever. That doesn't apply to the regular season. Any innings a pitcher in your rotation accumulates as a reliever will only be used as the 5th reliever in your bullpen.

If you can’t find clarification of a rule you are looking for, chances are good you will find it in this collection of Scoresheet pitcher rules gathered by Jay-Dell Mah in At the Plate.

John Carter