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Worse color choice & best color choice

Are we starting to slip past the golden age of tasteful baseball uniforms? The new Marlins logo is flat, unbalanced, and garish. It looks like an unimaginative kid designed it. The new extra patriotic Blue Jays caps are a little goofy compared to the ones of . . . not long ago with the more evolved action Blue Jay depicted. I can't keep up with the changes. Five teams - also the Dodgers, Orioles, and Mets - made changes to their uniforms this fall. The Dodgers! Why would they mess with the handsomest home uniform in baseball? The Yankees and Tigers are nice, too, but they emphasize the guts of their fattest players. That is not a look we want our athletes to have. By the way, my favourite road uniforms are Seattle's. That dark green on grey makes me think of a pine forested landscape jutting into a misty sea.

John Carter