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We are the Judge

What I love about Scoresheet is that we can play players as we see fit. As Derek Jeter’s owner, I don’t have to bestow him the honour of Team Shortstop based on his legend rather than on merit as the Yankees have since they signed Alex Rodriguez for 2004. No, for my 2011 Slick Silk Sox, he is my right-handed hitting utility infielder. Opening week this week he filled in at second-base one game against a lefty starter. In another game, with Longoria hurt and Bautista doing his fatherly/good husband thing over his newborn daughter, Jeter started at thirdbase. Utility infielder is the role best suited for Jeter on a decent 10 team A.L. Scoresheet League. He would be a very weak starter on a contender and too old for a non-contender.

John Carter