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Brad Eumus:patch-up or building block?
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From Baseball Prospectus (Kevin Goldstein's Monday (March 28) Morning Ten-Pack):

Brad Emaus, 2B, Mets
Emaus has seemingly won the second-base job in New York while also serving as a prime example of what small spring sample sizes we are dealing with. Four days ago he was hitting an ugly .216/.341/.270, but with four hits on Thursday and a double on Saturday... voila! He's at .289/.396/.444 and the second baseman of the future! Scouts that have seen Emaus this spring haven't been impressed. “He just has zero range, is throwing up home-to-first times in the upper 4s, and doesn't really have power,” said one scout who recently saw Emaus. “He works the count and can have a high OBP, but he's basically Scott Hatteberg at second base.” That assessment was surely the strangest comp of the spring.


However, a reader commented:



It's interesting to see how much scouts and evaluators have differed on Emaus. I went through the last few years of BP blurbs on him, and saw that he "has a quick, short stroke that makes his power come easily and naturally," and has "enough pop to suggest that some could last in the majors. He is also "a solid defender at the keystone" and has "a bit of speed." Now that he's a Met, scouts are not impressed and he has no speed, range or power. I'm not suggesting an anti-Met bias, but it makes me wonder. It's not as if he turned into a different player in the last year.



Whether he turns out well or is just adequate, he is a nice pick-up from the Blue Jays, who left Emous exposed to the Rule V draft. Mets fans I’ve read are generally satisfied that they have found a player who doesn’t s’you-know-what. After Luis Castillo’s pitiful $6,250,000 performance last year (.604 OPS, below average defence), I can see why they are so grateful for a player of so little promise. If they look to history, they might be even happier about their new secondbaseman. It was eleven years ago that the Texas Rangers traded Estaban Loaiza to Toronto for two minor leaguers including a AAA secondbaseman with very similar stats (adjusted for the park) and age as Emaus. That was Michael Young, who has had a 6 all-star game career.


Update: Brad Emus was returned to the Blue Jays. Now the Mets are resorting to a utility player: Dan Murphy - with only three years of professional experience - of which he has played more games at each of thirdbase, leftfield, AND firstbase than he has of secondbase

John Carter