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General Notes on NL Line-up changes & plea for direction

No, I`m not suddenly going to pretend I know what`s going on in the National League, other than the fact the Phillies got a solid hitter (Jeremy Giambi) for practically nothing. However, Roger Angell had his eloquent early season musings on baseball in last week`s The New Yorker. Most of his article had a New York Mets connection. Ironically, the Mets` high-priced offense has been feeble, their stellar infield defense has been blunderous, and their rag-tag pitching staff has been gloriously stingy. The funniest anecdote was about Ray Ordˇ˝ez the perennial gold glove shortstop who made only four errors in the entire 1999 season. Angel revealed this slice of locker room life after Ordˇ˝ez committed three errors in one game. 

Ordˇ˝ez had slammed his mitt - a black Wilson A2000 model - against the clubhouse wall after the game, and then snipped the laces out of it with a pair of trainer`s scissors, making sure it would never clank again. This was more revenge than mojo, since he shifts to a fresh mitt every couple of weeks.

It`s no wonder I don`t write for The New Yorker, because I would bore everybody by noting that their clean-up hitter (Mo Vaughn) and their manager (Bobby Valentine) come from the two cities (Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut), which border my hometown on either side. I have been raising my family in Toronto, so I always help coach my kids` baseball teams and let other dads and moms teach my kids hockey.


While Barry Bonds rises up the all-time homerun list, Angell makes note of a more interesting statistic. As of this writing Bonds is 14 stolen bases away from the 500-500 club (stolen bases and homeruns). He is already the only member of the 400-400 club. There are only three other members of the 300-300 club. One of them is his dad (Bobby Bonds), another is his god-dad (Willie Mays), and the other is Andre Dawson.


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