early August observation
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There’s cheap and there’s cheap:

As I mentioned in Scoresheet-talk, I find it disgraceful the Athletics sold Rich Harden mid-season while still well in a pennant race – and seemingly not even getting full market value. I wrote about the even uglier sin committed by the Twins leaving Francisco Liriano in the minors for obviously no better reason than holding off his arbitration/free agency countdown – while they are in a pennant race. For that reason, it would be sweet justice if the Twins lose out on the post season by a single game. It is quadruple sad that these are the two teams most famous for achieving post seasons on the most meagre budgets. What organization is there to look up to?


So many huge names exchanged teams this late July. Will we remember these player stints with their new teams? I have trouble remembering the various teams with which players spend final year or two unless it happens to be Toronto (where I have lived the last 25 years) or Detroit (the team I rooted for most of my life).

John Carter