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May 11 - May 17, 2002

Rotoworld, CNN/SI, Baseball Weekly, ESPN have lots of fun useful stuff. For example, looking a CNN/SIs All-Time lists you can get rosters of every major league team from any year. Did you know the Washington Senators were called the Washington Nationals up until 1956? Did you know the Detroit Tigers are the only American League team which has never changed its name since the league began?  John Hunt still writes an entertaining weekly column for Baseball Weekly, but Im addicted to Rotoworlds witty comments every day about newsworthy baseball players. They now have their own depth charts, which are even better organized than Purebaseballs.

The most indispensable web tool for your Scoresheet team during the season, however, is Team Tracker. This site is now run by Roto Times and is much improved. Instead of scouring over the boxscores for your players, Team Tracker will give a box score of just your players! Instead of scrolling through Rotoworld for news of your players, Team Tracker prints almost the same news for just your guys. 

Team Tracker still has the same features as last year, only better. Instead of getting a report for the dates you selected, you can see the yearly totals at the same time. The stats are color-coded, so it easy to see. The roster changing method is much improved, too. However, be careful to click on March 31st as the Posting Date for the players you add or subtract from your roster. Not only is that necessary to get year-to-date totals, but that is the easiest way to avoid a bug in the software, which hasnt been ironed out, yet. (Considering Team Tracker wasnt even ready for opening day, Im not surprised about the bug.) 

I dont know how poor you are, but $10 per team with no other costs is well worth it for me. There are discounts for entire leagues. Check it out!

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