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Bal lf: Payton         Huff

Rotoworld. Close call. Huff might play some dh-1b possibly take over 3b from Mora leaving a greater number of games played in leftfield for Payton. However, unless Huff gets hurt, he will have more at bats than Payton, and for now, you can expect most of them will be in left.


Bal 5s: no R.Lopez     includes R.Lopez

Rotoworld: Lopez is surely a candidate with Loewen, and, at least, we see who will be available for the first injury


Chi 5s: neither        incl. Haeger and H.Phillips

Rotoworld: Gavin Floyd pitched 4.23 in AAA, 7.29 with the Phillies. Haeger was 3.07 and 3.44 (even after a disastrous first start). Phillips has a 2.96 ERA in AAA.


Cle 5s: incl. Carmona  no Carmona

Rotoworld: Although, it is nice to know who no. 6 is, there is no chance Sowers would lose his job to Carmona in the spring.


Det 5s: Verlander      Maroth (otherwise same five)

Rotoworld: Ridiculous. Although, Maroth could well get more starts for awhile due to Verlander’s tender young arm, if anyone is in danger of losing his job to Ledezma or Andrew Miller, it will be Maroth.


KC  3b: Teahen         A.Gordon

KC  rf: Sanders        Teahen

Rotoworld: The Royals could get sued if they kept Gordon in the minors any longer. You never know with this organization, but Sanders seems the most logical one to bench or cut.


KC  5s: incl. Elarton  no Elarton Close, because it must be about time to give up on him.


LA  dh: Hillenbrand    J.Rivera Considering Rivera’s serious leg break, Hillendbrand will certainly have a starting job until Rivera returns – which could be early or mid season. The Angels have loads of potential to squeeze Hillenbrand out of a job, but for now, he is fairly safe.


LA  5s: incl. Colon    incl. Jered Weaver As with Maroth and Verlander, both sites list these in both rotations. This time Rotoworld could plead the “youthful arm” defence by having the young phenomenon 5th. With Colon’s health concerns, though, he is far more likely to lose starts to co-5th starter Joe Saunders.


Min 3b: Cirillo        Punto

Rotoworld: Punto earned the job. Cirillo is 37 and just hanging on.


Min 5s: neither        incl. Baker and Ponson

Rotoworld: Who the heck is 3.92 AA pitcher Glen Perkins to walk away with a job over Baker or Ponson?


NY  1b: A.Phillips     Mientkiewicz

Rotoworld. The Yankees have made it clear Mientkie is the larger platoon half.


NY  5s: Igawa          Karstens, Proctor, Rasner As Rotoworld lists no 4th starter, this must be an electronic typo.


Oak 1b: Swisher        D.Johnson

Oak lf: Kielty         Swisher

Rotoworld: Close, but this is how I would do it. I’m not sure if has some inside knowledge here, however.


Oak 5s: no one         Kennedy, Windsor, Halsey, and Saarloos

Rotoworld: Unless Oakland plans to stick to a four man rotation, Rotoworld wins by default.


TB  1b: Norton         Wigginton

Rotoworld. I’d believe Upton before Norton.


TB  sp: no Seo         Seo is 3s

Rotoworld. Really, after Kazmir, they’re all 5rh starters. Seo certainly deserves mention.


Tex 5s: Koronka        Volquez, Rheinecker, & Cruceta

Rotoworld: To continue with Koronka would be suicide. At least, the Rotoworld trio of candidates have some potential.


Tor 5s: no Towers      incl. Towers

Rotoworld: Jays have plenty of room for a possible Towers comeback.

John Carter